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Mustang SUD
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Aubrey, TX 76227



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Thank you for visiting Mustang Special Utility District. Mustang offices are open 8 am to 4:30 pm. Monday through Friday, except for certain holidays. We have an outside drop-box in our parking lot which is available at all times.

Please note: Payments placed in the drop-box after 4:30 pm are posted the next day. To avoid any penalties or fees, payments must be made before 4:30 pm on due dates.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bhaskar, Archana Customer Service Representative 940-440-9561 Ext. 101  
Garcia, Keila Customer Service Representative 940-440-9561 Ext: 101  
Carrasco, Alisa Customer Service Representative 940-440-9561 Ext: 107  
Copeland, Angela Accounts Team Lead 940-440-9561 Ext. 106  
Fangman, Linda Billing Team Lead 940-440-9561 Ext. 115  
Fox, Laura Permit Specialist 940-440-9561 Ext. 108  
Govea, Melissa Accounts Specialist 940-440-9561 Ext. 104  
Beaty, Stephanie Accounts Specialist 940-440-9561 Ext. 112  
Simon, Emily Development Services Coordinator 940-440-9561 Ext: 500  
Rogers, Pam Customer Service Team Lead 940-440-9561 Ext. 113  
Nurnberg, Lauren Customer Service Team Lead 940-440-9561 Ext. 114  
Schon, Shelly Accounts Specialist 940-440-9561 Ext. 109  
Scott, Charlotte Accounts Specialist 940-440-9561 Ext. 111