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If you are a resident of Paloma, Providence, or Savannah, you are a customer of the governmental developer district which was formed to build your subdivision. If you live in Union Park, you are a standard Mustang Customer. Mustang is contracted to provide billing and operational maintenance, and does not set rates or collection policies. There are different districts for each different subdivision:

  • Paloma Creek is split up into five districts, Fresh Water Supply District 8A, 8B, 11A, 11B, 11C.
  • Savannah & Arrowbrooke are Fresh Water Supply District 10

Each District has their own Board of Directors, which set all rates, fees, and policies related to water and wastewater service. Mustang provides contract billing and operational maintenance services only. Any matter related to rates, fees, connection/disconnection, etc. must be addressed to the applicable district where you live.

For policies and forms, please click on your subdivision below: