1. What forms of payment do you accept?

Your payment may be made by online credit card through our website, Automatic Bank Draft, a check by mail, cash, check, or card at our office during business hours, or your bank billpay system. We have an outside drop box available 24/7 at our office for check payments only.

2. I recently used my bank’s billpay system for my water bill. My bank showed the payment arrived prior to the due date, but I received a late fee. Why?

We have numerous issues with this monthly. First, your bank sends the payment check to a third party print and mail company. We do not get a check directly from your bank. In fact, we often receive one large envelope with 100 payment checks from a dozen different banks. Second, your bank has no idea when we actually receive your check in the mail because they are not sent registered return receipt. The delivery date your bank puts on your account is only their estimate. Third, we post payments received the same day and do not hold any payments. So, if we do not receive payment before 5 pm on the due date, a penalty fee is assessed, regardless of whether a check is in transit. Since we have no control over the postal service, we encourage all customers using billpay to schedule payments to arrive 7-10 business days in advance. One way to avoid the postal issue, late fees, and credit card charges is to sign up for Automatic Bank Draft. There are no additional costs to use it.

3. I paid my bill either online, or by drop box the night before disconnect day, but I was still charged the fee. Why?

All payments are due by 5 pm on the due date to avoid any penalty. Payments placed in the drop-box after 5 pm are posted the next day. We encourage all customers to pay before 5 pm on the due date to avoid additional fees.

4. Can I get a copy of my bill by email?

Yes, click Manage My Acount follow the procedure to create an account. Once you have an account, click View My Account and Make Payment tab and select “Profile.” You may then select to receive email statements.

5. I’m having problems with trash collection, who do I call?

For trash collection problems in Paloma Creek or  Savannah, call Waste Management at 1-800-772-8653. For Cross Oak Ranch, call IESI at 1-800-909-9061.

6. I pay online, can you stop sending me an envelope?

Yes, log in to your account through the “Pay My Bill” link and select receive statement electronically, now you will not receive a paper bill and envelope.