1. What forms of payment do you accept?

Your payment may be made by online credit card through our website, Automatic Bank Draft, a check by mail, cash, check, or card at our office during business hours, or your bank billpay system. We have an outside drop box available 24/7 at our office for check payments only.

2. I paid my bill either online, or by drop box the night before disconnect day, but I was still charged the fee. Why?

All payments are due by 5 pm on the due date to avoid any penalty. Payments placed in the drop-box after 5 pm are posted the next day. We encourage all customers to pay before 5 pm on the due date to avoid additional fees.

3. Can I get a copy of my bill by email?

Yes, please call our office or email customerservice@mustangwater.com to request email billing.

4. What are these charges on my bill besides water usage?

Most residents in our service area have fees or taxes other than their water usage on their bill. However, the type of fee or tax varies by subdivision. Click here find out more information about your subdivision, and the charges on your bill.

5. How do I set up automatic payments?

To sign up for automatic bank draft, fill out the bank draft authorization form. At this time, we are unable to set up automatic withdraws from a credit card or debit card.

6. Is this an estimated reading on my bill?

No, we do not estimate the reading for your bill. We have a dedicated employee who reads the meters. He drives through neighborhoods and uses a bluetooth scanner to get the readings. If, for any reason, the meter reading is not picked up by the scanner, our meter-reader will go up to the meter and read it manually.

7. How are the rates determined?

Our rates are calculated based on several different factors, such as the cost of bringing the water to a home, carrying wastewater away from a home and treating it, our operating costs, and also planning for the future needs of our community. We hire an independent, third-party expert to do an analysis of our costs in order to ensure our rates are set at a fair-market price, and according to AWWA guidelines. Periodically, our rates are sent to the Public Utility Commission of Texas for review. If the rates change at any point in the future, customers will be notified in advance.